Integrated Library System Reports– the “one-stop” shop for everything about integrated online library systems – tracks and reports current integrated online library system trends.

ILSR Feature Article – Highlights today’s major integrated system issues and trends.

ILSR Reviews – Evaluates IOLS systems and includes system special features and requirements.

ILSR Sample RFPs – Links to Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information and Technology Plans available on the Internet.

ILSR Press Release – Provides abstracts and Internet links to the latest IOLS industry news.

ILSR Vendors – Links to IOLS vendor Web pages and press releases.

Integrated Library System Reports is an electronic newsletter designed to assist information professionals with integrated library system issues. ILSR’s mission is to locate up-to-date IOLS information, provide an IOLS reference database, and track new IOLS industry developments and trends.

Integrated Library System Reports invites readers to submit feature articles, system evaluations, and links to IOLS Internet sites.

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